FINALLY! Announced for weeks and finally it´s here. REDGRAVE Interior releases today it´s first collection. REDGRAVE, known for it´s inventive technology and outstanding quality presents pieces that are unique.

All pieces are amazingly stable thanks to it´s LODs. Even zooming out you won’t notice collapsing furniture.

The best about thing collection is that it is absolutely customizable! you can change textures and colors as you like as everything is modifiable. Just select the texture-face and put in the texture and color of your choice. That´s a lot of fun to play around with and you don’t need to choose already the desired color at the store, just do it at home to make it fit your home!

Another nice detail are the light effects of the lamps. The light reflections are amazing.

There will be more pieces in the future, but REDGRAVE Interior gets started with that amazing 18 pieces available from today on! Go and have a look. You will love it.



Snapshot_113 copy


Snapshot_114 copy

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