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Love To Decorate

Redgrave Interiors_001


LTD was given the chance to get an exclusive look at the first line of products for REDGRAVE INTERIORS.

Redgrave Interiors_003

Redgrave Interiors_004

REDGRAVE are without a doubt one of the most popular stores on the grid for Fashion and always produce fantastic quality, and that quality has been brought over to their Interiors collection.

Redgrave Interiors_005

From amazingly detailed sofas and chairs, to lamps with stunning reflections which can be turned on and off. REDGRAVE INTERIORS promises to be a brand that could bring more realism to the Home Decor market in Second Life using great technologies and techniques in their products.

Redgrave Interiors_007

Redgrave Interiors_006

The products have been created using new game techniques which improves the LOD experience. The items do not disappear , even after camming out 500m. The other added bonus about this highly realistic pieces is the low prim count, which is always a plus.

Redgrave Interiors_010

Redgrave Interiors_011

All items are materials enabled for…

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