Spring Time – Coat time

Why should SL be so different from RL. In my real life I am a fanatic of coats. Long, short, with fur, formal, Boho….I have literally dozens. But the type of coat I most Like is the short one. Ending a palm over your knee it is the perfect companion  in your daily Life, especially in spring. Still warming, but not wrapping you in cloth like his longer brother. He is perfect for traveling and flights because he easily survives a few hours in the over head locker without coming out totally wrinkled. And at the end of the day a short coat always gives you a bit of glam and sophistication..

I was waiting ages in SL to find a coat that I actually like..and finally I found it! The new GUSTAVO coat and tank of DIRAM is one of its kind. It comes with a mesh tank top which you can wear optionally. The color range is fantastic but brave, from simple black to zebra….

GUSTAVO coat and Tank – DIRAM


SWEAT PANTS brown leather – PUMPKIN

Snapshot_028 copy

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